Dr Alison Calanca

My introduction to Chiropractic started as a newborn in Rome, Italy, and it has continued throughout my life.

I was unaware of the benefits of this type of therapy until I was old enough to understand.
As a competitive water polo player, I relied upon Chiropractic adjustments to alleviate symptoms which would  permit me to perform consistently under pressure and reduce the risk of injury.

I was inspired to study the human body and pursued studies in Laboratory Medicine, Radiography and Chiropractic Medicine.
Undoubtedly, my passion for this therapy started at an early age but it is part of my life and that of my family.
I truly believe in the well-being of every individual, irrespective of age or level of mobility.

I am fortunate to have travelled extensively and worked in various  environments including aged care, team sports, remote islands, mining and army corp.

The common factor that is shared by all I have treated, is that the human body has incredible abilities.
I strive to guide each of my patients to obtain and maintain optimum health and balance through various specialist techniques such as Diversified, S.O.T, Applied Kinesiology, Activator and dry needling to name a few.

I nurture my Italian roots with a love affair of food and dedication to my young daughter and our inseparable pet pug Poppy.
I am the newest team member at Premium Health Therapies and am honoured to be working alongside David and Eric in this busy family practice.