Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is often complimentary to the chiropractic adjustment. Many structural issues people have are in fact a combination of dysfunction of the spine or peripheral joints coupled with tension within the muscular and fascial systems. Massage can assist in soothing knotted, damaged or immobile muscles and fascia. Increased joint flexibility and pain relief are two of the great benefits associated with massage. It also helps to increase blood circulation to the muscles which promotes repair and the removal of toxins which have built up over time.

Most often, people will respond best to massage after the bulk of the structural corrections have been made by the chiropractor. For example, someone with a 1 year history of a particular problem may need several weeks or months of adjustments first; after which massage is the next additional step for the continued care. On a practical level, most people will respond better to massage if they get adjusted first, followed by the massage.

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