Naturopathy is the art and science of using natural remedies to assist in the healing of body, mind and spirit. Predominantly through the use of medicinal herbs, specific nutrients, and homeopathics, the naturopath works with the tools afforded by nature to speed up your healing and recovery.

On any given day you may be prescribed a herbal tincture or tablet, a single or group of nutrients or even a homeopathic remedy specifically tailored to your body. Occasionally it will simply be advice, or lifestyle change.

Our naturopaths use a combination of expert history and physical examination as well as advanced muscle testing techniques and occasionally Dr David will use of the Qest 4 Bioresonance machine to accurately determine the priority in your body.

George Lee is our resident homeopath, herbalist, NET, IBD practitioner with decades of experience. The breadth of his skills is vast, and he is your go-to-man for anything emotional, utilising the Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) to help you process and clear the stuck issues.

Dr David and Eric offer advanced clinical Functional Biochemistry, which could be likened to an offshoot of naturopathy, employing many of the same principles and practices. This method allows for fast and direct pin-pointing of many peoples complex issues including gut, hormonal, behavioural, sleep, and many more. Dr Alison is also well on her way to mastering these skills.

We’ve found that many issues that present as structural problems turn out to be also a combination of biochemical, visceral (organs) or emotional in nature hence the melding of these techniques into our practice by our chiropractors.