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Support team

Lucy Pierotti
Office Manager/Receptionist
Lucy is the backbone of the business and Dr Eric's wife. You can often hear Lucy's friendly voice at reception and she also oversees the day to day running of the practice. Lucy performs all the hard work that happens behind the scenes to ensure that the only thing our practitioners have to worry about is the health of their patients.
Tricia Belsole
Always smiling and eager to help, Tricia has been a valued member of Premium Health for the last six years. Nothing is ever too hard for Tricia and she goes about performing her duties with a quiet efficiency. When she is not hard at work, she is zooming around taxiing her two great kids to sporting events. 
Sue Krause
Sue is our 'English Rose' who keeps us all in line with a broad smile and infectious laugh! She has been an integral part of the team at Premium Health for the last six years. You'll know when you've called on a day that Sue is running the show because you'll be greeted with her charming English accent and smile in her voice.


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