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Monday 8am-5pm
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Haven't been to a chiropractor before and not sure what to expect?
Had a bad experience and concerned about your treatment?

Our staff are here to help
When you come in for the first time, our doctors will listen!

Dr Eric and Dr David will ask you about your general health and lifestyle and take a thorough medical history. Our doctors will then assess your spine and/or the area you are concerned about and use this information to make a diagnosis.
At Premium Health a range of non-invasive diagnostic techniques are used, including specialized muscle testing known as Applied Kinesiology.

Once they have made a diagnosis, the doctors will give you a detailed explanation of how and why the problem occurred and talk with you about the best course of treatment.

We encourage you to ask questions   No question is too big or too small- your comfort is our priority.

We can start to help you straight away

There is no 'hard sell' at Premium Health

Our goal is to deliver the best possible outcome in the least possible time. We don't believe in fixed or long-term treatment contracts - each patient is unique and will be treated that way! The average number of visits for new patients is between four and six. This is well below the average of most clinics and shows that our patients get better faster and with less unnecessary treatments.
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