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Immune System
Digestion Part 1 & 2
Pelvic Instability and The Cranial Connection

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DVDs Friday Night Short Courses

Immune System
Digestion Part 1 & 2
Pelvic Instability and The Cranial Connection

This set of 4 DVD's covers the complete Friday Night Shorts Program as presented in multiple capital cities. The program was designed to address several of the most common problems encountered in general practice, such as;


 Thyroid Dysfunction:  (4Hrs)

Hypothyroidism is not only increasing in frequency but is one of the most miss-diagnosed dysfunctions that your patients present with. This video presentation teaches you,

  1. What TSH, T4 T3 and reverseT3 really mean

  2. How to properly interpret a blood test result
  3. How to easily diagnose and treat naturally thyroid dysfunction

 The Immune System (4 Hrs)

One of the greatest challenges your patient faces is a compromised immune system from a great many causes. This video explores the intricacies of the T-helper system,  how it is evoked, why it fails to function ultimately and you make a simple diagnosis and provide the correct therapeutic measures.

 Digestion A-Z Part 1 & 2(8 Hrs)

When digestion is less than optimal not only do we not access the essential nutrients from even the healthiest food but also we loose the very first protection our Gastro-intestinal-tract has against viruses, bacterial, fungi and parasite. This video takes you step by step through the intricacies of digestion from the mouth to excretion, what can go wrong, how to diagnosis the problem ad how to correct it for ultimate health.

 Pelvic Instability and the Cranial Connection (4Hrs)

Good spinal stability and health is dependent upon proper pelvic stability.  Recurrent back pain, unexplained recurrent subluxation, that patient that just refuses to get better no matter our best attention or intention. This 2-part video teaches the little known influences of the symphysis pubis on pelvic stability as well as a specific connection between a Torus Palatinus and pelvic instability, which is holding your patients back. 

NB: The complete series have been assessed by The CAA National and have been awarded 22 FLA on completion of a questionnaire of 20 questions. 


The Full Set of 4 $500.00 (Normally $1250 at seminars)

Single DVD (One Topic) $200.00  

Two DVDs $350 ($175.00 each) 

To Purchase please email phtherapies@bigpond.com.au with your name and delivery address (includes FREE delivery)

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